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VSUPPORT Infotech Pvt. Ltd. started as a dream project for two enthusiastic entrepreneurs who aimed at providing sophisticated manpower solutions to Organizations. From that it has grown to a team of cutting edge specialists in software development and other related support, VSupport stands tall as an end-to-end provider for IT solutions across the nation, with many State / Central Govt. clients and Fortune 500 companies.

VSUPPORT is primarily focused on e-governance projects in India, a sector that is booming at an annual hundred fold growth rate, and thus with an immense strength of home grown resources in numbers and skill,VSupport has successfully marked its presence in a huge base of IT solutions offering services ranging from Strategy Consulting, Business Analysis, Project Management, Software Development, Infrastructure Management, Software Implementation, Digital Signature Certificates, Tender Maintenance and Support.

We at VSUPPORT believe in providing customer-centric solutions through adherence to excellent business methodologies, high quality processes and global delivery practices. Due to this, VSUPPORT has a client retention in such high numbers that they inturn amount to almost 75% of the revenue in its business.

Our mission is to deliver perfection in all its forms through standardized, practices and quality products as well as services and objective is to conquer important factors like customer retention and customer satisfaction. Our team works on the reduction of operation cost allowing the customers to focus on their strategies and core competencies.

We at VSUPPORT view our people as our greatest assets and guide them towards accomplishment through constant support, training and cooperation in a safe environment, resulting in high employee retention. We encourage team work and motivate our people to be a part of the growth of their company. VSupport incubates an environment in which employees are driven to innovate which in turn contributes directly to our client’s success. We measure our deliverance with three main parameters, satisfaction of our clients, the target audience, and our team members.

Our Offer Services

Digital Signature Certificate Services

We issue DSC’s and provide all round support related to those.

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Tender Telephonic Alerts

Alert Services for various Tenders being sent to our subscribers on a daily basis. Via SMS and Email

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Bid Support

All India BID Support to the clients is also provided.

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Tender Mail Alerts

Daily updated Tenders specific to the area of your work are delivered to your registered email id.

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24x7 Tender Help,Support and Consultancy

Round the clock support andmaintenanceprovided to you for any Tender related queries or glitches.

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Tender SMS Alerts

Information on your “Favourited” Tenders, about their due dates and requirementsare delivered to your registered Mobile Number via SMS.

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Core Features

Single / Multiple DSC

We provide individual as well as bulk DSC’s according to your needs.

Tender Alert Services

Alert for the tenders are also sent to clients on regular basis.we are all provided.

Bidding Services & Support

India wide Biding support provided to you.

24/7 Help & Support

We provide round the clock support to all our services.

Tender Consultancy

Any query related to Tenders can be consulted and properly addressed by our highly skilled team.


Best Services we offer regarding the tenders to the clients are from our best & experienced team members.

Telephonic Alert

We are well equipped with any Tender related assistance that you may need while on our portal www.tendermines.com or while bidding for a tender on other websites
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SMS Alert

We send Alerts regarding Tenders via SMS in interest of indicating you with latest tenders and their respective deadlines in order for you to make the best of opportunities.
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Mail Alert

You get a daily alert on your registered email address regarding all updates of all Tenders and related Information.
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Digital Signature Certificates and Related Services

We issue cost effective and efficient Digital Signature Certificatesin bulk or in singles as per your requirement, as well as offer other related services.


These certificates are issued for both business personnel and private individuals. These certificates will confirm that the information in the application provided by the subscriber does not conflict with the information in well-recognized consumer databases.
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This certificate will be issued to individuals as well as organizations. As these are high assurance certificates, primarily intended for e-commerce applications, they shall be issued to individuals only on their personal (physical) appearance before the Certifying Authorities.
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Directorate General of Foreign Trade DSC is required for any form of authentic and secure online communication with the DGFT
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Some Of The Facts & Figures

Here are some of the figures which reveals the client's numbers that are registered with us for DSC, tender Alert and Support Services.

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Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is DSC?

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) is the electronic format of physical or paper certificate like a driving License, passport etc.Legally valid Digital Signature Certificates are issued only through a Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Govt. of India,licensed Certifying Authorities (CA), such as Capricorn.

What Is Tender?

A Tender is put out by government of Private entities to invite bids for a project, or to accept a formal offer. ATender usually refers to the process whereby governments and financial institutions invite bids for large projects these Tenders have a finite deadline.

What is Tender Documents?

A written invitation sent to potential suppliers of goods or services to inform them about the information required for the buyer to choose among them.Issuing a tender document typically begins the tender process by which a business selects qualified and interested suppliers based on such things as their price, availability and proposed delivery terms.

What is tender BID?

Government invites bids for a project for interested parties to put in their quotes and everything related to their services. Once the bid is put in the government decides whom to give the tender depending on the Bid put in by our clients/bidders.

What is Open Tender?

A bidding process that is open to all qualified bidders and where the sealed bids are opened in public for scrutiny and are chosen purely on the basis of price and quality. These are also called Competitive Tenders or Public Tenders. They are open to all vendors or contractors who can guarantee certain things mentioned in the Tender. This may form part of a two-stage process, the first stage of which is the expression-of-interest tender call this produces a shortlist of suitable vendors. Then finally the government gives out the Tender to the winning Bidder.

What is Limited Tenders?

An LTE is also an Notice Inviting Tender (NIT), limited only to a few bidders. Hence, all the documents that make an NIT ,such as description of requirement, associated terms and conditions , a fixed date and time for responding, are sent (called tender enquiry) to the bidders.

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