Our Offer Services

Digital Signature Certificate(DSC/DC) and related Services

We issue DSC’s and provide all round support related to those.

Digital Signature Certificate is the issuance of Digital Signatures on documents submitted in electronic form in order to ensure the security and authenticity of the documents that are filed electronically. We provide trusted Digital Signature Certificates authorized by a Certifying Authority (CA) such as Capricon, Sify, and E-Mudhra. You can either issue a new DSC or renew an existing DSC as per your requirement. We have a very experienced team which helps clients throughout the process of acquiring a DSC, starting from the verification of the documents to the successful download of the certificates with their token.

Bid Support

All India BID Support to the clients is also provided.

Bidding for Tenders is a skilful task, one must have the technical acumen to influence your chances for winning any kind of Bids. We have just the right amount of expertise to help you put in your Bid and get you to the next level.
Our primary focus is to provide businesses with flexible and affordable solutions for ensuring a properly formed Bid forTenders across multiplesectors like Govt e-Marketplace, Semi-Govt projects or Private projects. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to give you customized bidding solutions for your needs particular to your business, giving you the opportunity to maximize your business. We also run a web portal www.tendermines.comthat is a one stop solution to all your “Tender” needs on an annual subscription basis.

24x7 Tender Help and Support and Consultancy

Round the clock support andmaintenanceprovided to you for any Tender related queries or glitches.

Assistance provided to you to help you make cost effective and accurate use of our portal or any tender related work which includes assistance in training, troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrading.

We are providing 24*7 help &support service to pour clients.

Tender SMS Alert Service

Information on your “Favourited” Tenders, about their due dates and requirementsare delivered to your registered Mobile Number via SMS.

This allows clients who have registered to our alert services and our demo/annual portal subscription to receive accurate system generated SMS notifications with current and latest tenders due dates and other requirements. Ensuring you to submit your Bid for accurate Tenders in timely and sorted manner.

Tender Mail Alert Services

Daily updated Tenders specific to the area of your work are delivered to your registered email id.

E-mail alerts allow registered clients to receive accurate system generated email notifications with current and latest happenings of Tenders specific to your area of work/business. You can also get this alert on multiple e-mail addresses. Please note that we tailor your email alerts to match only your business’ needs.

Tender Telephonic Alerts

Alert Services for various Tenders being sent to our subscribers on a daily basis. Via SMS and Email

A daily updated database of live Tenders released across India by a variety of agencies/companies are provided to you at your fingertips. We publish wholesome tender related information that is sorted and filtered on our highly equipped portal www.tendermines.com. For your advantage,Weclassify all tenders into different categories based on departments, products, portals, regions etc. Thus giving you a platform for publishing, communicating, accessing, receiving and submitting all tender related information and documentationonly after knowing everything about the right tender at the right time.

Core Features

Bulk DSC

We provide bulk DSC to the clients.

Alert Services

Alert for the tenders are also sent to clients on regular basis.we are all provided.

24/7 Help & Support

Support regarding tenders are provided to the client at each and every step during the tendering.

Tender BID Support

All India BID Support to the clients is also provided.

Tender Consultancy

Consultancy to the clients is also provided to the cilents when ever required.

Web Hosting

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.